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Lindsborg, KS

Lindsborg, Kansas - Little Sweden, USA:

Experience a special blend of history and culture in Lindsborg. Old
World charm springs from rich Swedish heritage. Unique shops and
restaurants, museums, art galleries and working studios, cultural and
ethnic events, and lots of friendly people await you in Lindsborg.

Salina, KS


A rapidly growing city in the nation's heartland that blends just
the right amount of rural heritage and hospitality with the excitement
and amenities of urban America, making Salina a special place.

McPherson, KS


Located in the heart of Kansas, McPherson is identified by author Norman
Crampton as one of today's most liveable small towns in America.

Minneapolis, KS


Located in America’s heartland, Minneapolis is a rural community in the farmland
of North Central Kansas. Two intersecting Interstate highways make travel to the
area easy. Recreational opportunities include a nine hole golf course, tennis
courts, swimming pool, ball diamonds, and outdoor basketball and volleyball courts.

Abilene, KS

Abilene, boyhood home of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, is just 25 miles east of Salina
on Interstate 70. This community has so much to offer visitors! Attractions reminiscent
of the Wild West and the Victorian Era, or highlighting the arts or sports all await.

Hutchinson, KS


The city of Hutchinson, Kansas is a community of approximately
40,000 people, with an area of 22 square miles, located in the south
central part of the state. Hutchinson is approximately 60 miles Southwest of
Salina, Kansas, and is the county seat of Reno County.

Ellsworth, KS

A small, bustling community that is also the county seat of Ellsworth County.
Located in Post Rock Country, our Smoky Hill landscape is full of beautiful
rolling hills and bluffs. You will find us just seven miles south of I-70.
State highways 14, 140 and 156 run through our town,

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